Personalized Bibles, Books & Journals

We know from experience that personalization creates an entirely different experience for the recipient. In fact, on several occasions we have seen the recipient literally well up in tears. When you take the time to personalize your gift — whether it is with a name, the date of a special occasion, a scriptural verse, or maybe even a fun little collection of words that only you and the recipient understand — that gift says, “I put some thought into this because you are incredibly special to me.”

You will find a wide variety of items that can be personalized on Grace Gear. Nearly all of our Bibles, journals, devotionals, books, and bookmarks have the space on them for personalization. You’ll find options for foil colors to choose from or, you may wish to deboss your gift, personalizing it without foil, leaving a very natural looking imprint of your message on the product.