Inspired to Live My Faith

Well, that inspiration I got to write my first blog on my 60th birthday in February certainly was short lived, wasn’t it. It’s now October and I am writing my second blog.

And, I have to say, as human beings, often times our inspirations come in like a freight train, but often leave us as quick as that train leaves town. And, I think our faith is sometime on the same track. We go to church or Bible study and are feeling rock solid about our faith walk and then real life happens or we run with a different set of people during the week and all that we know about how God wants us to live leaves town on that same train.

I want my faith to be constant and unwavering. So, I’m on a journey to live my faith, to be true to my God, to be the faithful, faith-filled, Karla no matter where I am, what day of the week it is, or who is in my midst. No hiding, no pretending, no fake and no fluff. Walking with Jesus every step of the way. And, I invite you to help me stay on track!

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